The aim of the Pegwell & District Association is to preserve the natural environment and to protect Ramsgate’s Western Undercliff and Pegwell Bay from further development.

We are fortunate to have inherited the benefits of a south-facing beach with safe bathing and a beautiful unspoiled expanse of coastline where large flocks of waders and seabirds gather and feed. There are few more inspiring sights that a winter sunset over Pegwell Bay. It has been the source of inspiration for poets, writers and artists throughout the centuries.

Walk this shore and you are treading in the footsteps of the Romans, the Saxons and the Vikings. Saint Augustine landed nearby as did Hengist and Horsa. It is one of the last open spaces in Thanet where you can walk in peace and commune with nature. Some would have us believe that concrete, tarmac and buildings are preferable to cliffs, sand and shore.

If you would like to try and help save the freedom and beauty of Pegwell Bay, please consider joining the Pegwell & District Association now. Subscriptions are are urgently needed to build up a fighting fund to protect our heritage. Overseas members are very welcome, but the cost of postage would prevent us mailing the Newsletter each month although the Newsletter can be viewed online using a password supplied to new members by the Association.

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