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Conservation group in one of Kent’s most  embattled natural areas needs your help.

The Pegwell & District Association has had to tackle any number of threats in its near constant struggle to keep the developers at bay and maintain Pegwell Bay and the Western Undercliff area of Ramsgate as a relatively unspoilt place for wildlife and people alike.

Perhaps its main claim to fame was the successful campaign in 1987 to have the Ramsgate ferry terminal access road re-routed so it would cause minimal environmental destruction.

How can you help ?

Pegwell Bay Reflections

Pegwell Bay Reflections

We are looking for the following;

  • Become a Member
  • General Volunteers
  • Fund Raising
  • Leave a Legacy
  • Business Supporters
  • Become a Trustee
  • Accounting
  • Planning Experience

Contact us on the form below and get involved:

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