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Pegwell Bay, located on the southeastern coast of England, is a coastal nature reserve renowned for its exceptional biodiversity. The bay’s diverse ecosystem, encompassing a wide range of habitats, plays a vital role in supporting numerous plant and animal species, contributing to the overall health of the environment. I would like to explore the significance […]


Now scientists are wondering whether a secret seal sanctuary on the south coast could be helping them breed in the south east.This could be a natural cove or secluded bay where grey seal pups are born and learn to swim before heading out to sea.A thriving colony on a sandbar off Ramsgate is evidence grey […]

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Do you like being outdoors in all weathers ? Do you like getting your hands dirty ? Practical help is needed across the county. The tasks change with the seasons. They are led by Trust wardens or experienced and fully trained volunteers.Sandwich,Pegwell Bay & Ham Fen Projects 10am start time 2nd Saturday in the Month […]

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