Pegwell Bay Who We Are


Vattenfall provided a grant to TDC of £100,000 in 2009 with the objective of delivering a project benefitting the local community and environment. The planning application for the initial project brief was for the provision of a raised walkway through the saltmash at Pegwell Bay and was withdraw in June 2012 following environmental concerns raised by key stakeholders. Cliffsend play area and Eastcliff Gardens were the two alternative project options that had been identified for funding under the grant.Councillor Bruce and Councillor Bayford spoke under Council Procedure Rule 24.1.Councillor Harrison proposed, Councillor Everitt seconded and Cabinet agreed the following:

1. That £50k of the Vattenfall funding be allocated to the replacement of the play area in Cliffsend and that £40k be allocated to the Ramsgate Eastcliff and Westcliff Gardens project. The remaining £3k will be allocated to support the project management and delivery of the two projects.

2. To approve a variation to the use of the Vattenfall grant fund from that which was agreed in the 2010 budget report to allow for the above projects to be delivered. The original project proposal for a raised walkway will not therefore be taken forward.

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