Pegwell Bay Natural History

Plans by a renewable-energy company to lay more cables across Pegwell Bay have been unanimously slammed by a range of organisations – ironically because of the environmental destruction they would cause.


Vattenfall changed ecological consultants during the survey period and failed to gather ecological evidence for all the options.
Only two options have been presented in detail. No similar consideration has been given to the other options.
Regulators agree insufficient information has been presented to feel confident that either of the two preferred options are correct.
Cabling in Pegwell Bay will result in permanent loss of saltmarsh from the NNR.
NEMO is seen as a template for crossing the Country Park but this means another bund across the old landfill and a 7 metre high mound (Nearly 23 feet) to cross the NEMO cable. Vattenfall have agreed that it is technically possible to trench. This would avoid the need to angle upwards the cables as they approach the shore and remove the need to build on the saltmarsh.
No account taken of accumulative effect of previous and proposed cabling through the Bay. NEMO has only just completed and the proposed relaying of Thanet 1 cable with no join-up with this project.
Overall Vattenfall have not provided sufficient justification for coming through this highly designated NNR.

Statutory Bodies should object in principle to the project as it stands.